It’s as simple as sharing stories - Breakfast in Las Vegas


So last month, at UNITE (the Event Tech Tribe’s user unconference in Las Vegas), we held a Women in Event Tech breakfast. And I had a huge revelation. I know that happens to people at lot in Vegas but this was different, I promise!  

It was huge and also so simple - how breathtakingly brilliant is it when like minded folk are in a room together with no other purpose than to share and amplify each other’s stories.
Because that’s what happened. 25 women from around the world - as far away as New Zealand and the Netherlands - sat down for pastries and fruit and coffee and, one-by-one, stood up to share their experience as a women in the event tech industry along with their hopes and passions for the future of it.  We heard challenges, successes, short stories, chequered careers, from entrepreneurs, engineers and everything in between.

What was brilliant was that people I’ve ‘known’ for years on social media (hello, finally, Michelle Bruno!) and people I’d only met that morning (so good to know you now, Adriana Gallegos!) all had one thing in common; a deep down delight in what we do every day and a commitment to share their strength (on the days we’re strong) with others. As each story was told, there were nods and smiles as we saw ourselves in Leonora’s tales of capital raising, or Allie’s journey to build a stellar corporate culture.  

There was nothing remarkably new about our stories.  But the telling of them bound us to each other - and we all committed to keeping in touch actively (via our new Slack channel - ask me for an invite) and to holding these events as peripheral get-togethers at every available industry event we can.  

Enjoy this pictorial walk down memory lane. Thank you to all the women that came and made the morning so amazing. See you all at IMEX in Las Vegas (you can tell I love that place?!), if not before.

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