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Let's meet and get to know Katie Crocombe, Director at 52eight3 -

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Hello, I'm Katie, director at 52eight3, a company who provides marketing and PR services for the event tech industry.

After 13 years working as an event organiser at some of the world’s largest exhibition companies, I set up 52eight3 to help event tech companies get their products and services seen by events people. 

Q. What do you love about event tech?

A. From my years as an event organiser, I love that events can create memorable experiences for all who attend and can help elevate businesses and industry and take them to the next level. The fabulous thing about event tech – it exists to enable organisers, exhibitors and visitors to do this better.

Q. How can women make an impact in the event tech space?

A. Women in event tech, in fact women in all industries, can help fly the flag for equality. The more inclusive the event tech industry becomes, the more we can draw on the talents of the whole population and make the event tech industry thrive.

Q. What are some of your personal favorite tools or products to use?

A. I love event tech that helps provide solutions and supports the growth of events.

I started working with Gleanin as an organiser and today they are one of my clients. I love working with them not only because the Gleanin team are lovely energetic people, but also because their technology easily helps organisers leverage their visitors and exhibitors

I’m also really excited about facial recognition and biometrics for event registration. I’m keeping a close eye on Zenus and excited to see organisers put this technology in place and experience it for myself.

Q. Who do you most admire in event tech?

A. Stephan Forseilles. Stephan is the CTO at Easyfairs and is a member of the UFI digital innovation committee. I had the pleasure of working with him when I was at Easyfairs. He is incredibly passionate about event tech and I believe, one of our industry champions!

Where you can connect with Katie :

IG: @52eight3
LI: Katie Crocombe

Thank you so much Katie.

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