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Excited to host our first duo Q&A. Welcome Kelly Heesterman & Sureena Parmar from Meetingmax and thank you for sharing your expertise and experience as #womenineventtech.
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Hello, we are Kelly Heesterman, Community & Marketing Manager and Sureena Parmar, Director of Client & Strategic Relations of Meetingmax. We are providers of the most flexible online hotel reservation system you'll ever find and pride ourselves on a deep understanding, awesome solutions, and ridiculously remarkable support for events.

Q. What do you love about event tech?

A. (Kelly) I love the industry; it’s fun, it’s fast-paced, and there’s always something new to learn. At Meetingmax, one of our company core values is Thirst for Learning, and in the event tech space there’s always something new! We’ve be fortunate to attend SXSW for the past few years; there’s nothing better than walking the SX tradeshow floor and seeing what new innovations are on the market.

Q. How can women make an impact in the event tech space?

A. (Kelly): For me it’s all about connection. Connect with other women and share your story; what worked, what failed miserably, and what have you learned? The more knowledge we can share, the better off we’ll all be.

(Sureena) I completely agree with Kelly. After hosting a meetup this month during SXSW for Women in Events and watching the conversation and connections happen with such an amazing group of women that would never have happened otherwise was amazing! I truly feel women add another layer of connection to the event tech world.

Q. What are some of your personal favorite tools or products to use?

A. (Sureena) I love downloading the event app while on site at a event and using the ‘Around me’ Feature implemented by Eventbase or the Beacon technology to easily connect and network with other attendees. 

Also, after returning from a recent show I realized that sometimes taking a picture of an attendees badge does not always get you the information you need to reach out once back in the office. I came across a device called Loopd that you can wear on your badge that helps you connect easily with other attendees as well as tracks your activity on the show floor (all trackable through an APP).  I thought this was just an amazing and creative tool especially when you are looking back at what connections you made and what part of the show you explored (as well as how many steps you took).

Q. Who do you most admire in event tech?

A. (Kelly) Tahira Endean; she’s always been a fearless leader in the event tech space. She’s currently on the BC Innovation Council helping to promote and grow the #BCTECH Summit in Vancouver. She is a powerhouse!

(Sureena) Michael Brown, Director of Innovation at SXSW as he is always looking for what is next in the world of events and technology. His strategy to always improve the status quo and improve the overall user experience especially during the event. He was on the forefront on implementing the beacon technology at SXSW as well as automating some the housing components by implementing the MMX System. A total rockstar, lover of Exploding Kitchens and Avid Craft Beer drinker.

Where you can connect with Kelly, Sureena and MeetingMax :

TW: @Meetingmax and @MMXSureena
FB: @Meetingmax
IG: @Meetingmax + @kellyheesterman@sureeenahh

Thank you so much Kelly & Sureena for being a part of the tribe and answering our quick quizz.

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