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Here is our second Q&A in our series of #womenineventtech where we connect our Women in Event Tech with one another, sharing their work and their insights.
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Introducing Andrea Sommer, Founder & CEO of Hiver -

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Hello, I am Andrea and I'm a technology strategist; passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and increasing the number of women represented in both. I am also Founder and CEO of Hiver, an intelligent event technology offering a more efficient networking experience for event attendees while at the same time using powerful analytics to gain actionable engagement insights. 

Q. What do you love about event tech?

A. I love connecting with people but I find that in today's fragmented world, I really struggle with remembering everyone that I meet. Technology has a powerful role in shaping our world and our lives - and event technology is the nexus of these two elements. I envision a future where technology supports and enhances the event experience, helping us connect more effectively, and empowering us to take full advantage of every moment we spend during an event. And I really see Hiver playing an important part in creating and shaping this future.

Q. How can women make an impact in the event tech space?

A. Like in other technology fields, women can bring a powerful connective force to the story. The main thing is to get involved - not just in the traditional parts of the industry but also in non expected areas like development and analytics. Our team is majority women - from developer level to board level - so this is a real testament to the roles that women can take in the event space. 

Q. What are some of your personal favorite tools or products to use?

A. I love - it is a great tool to engage your audience at events and it really helps shape conversations and presentations. It is also extremely easy to use!

Q. What's your one piece of advice to other women in event tech?

A. Get involved and jump right in. There are many opportunities to make a difference!

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Where you can connect with Andrea :

TW: @hivertech or @andreasommer
FB: @hivertech
IG: @hivertech or @andreasommer
LI: Hiver

Thank you so much Andrea for sharing your passion for Events & Technology.
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