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Now, let's meet this week’s amazing Event Tech trailblazer, Ashleigh Cote from Nashville, Tennessee -

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Hello, I’m Ashleigh. As the creative events director for an AV and production company, I love helping clients showcase their message. After 13 years in events, I have a wide variety of corporate and association event experience, but especially enjoy working with our non-profit partners including Siloam Health, LLS, and the Tennessee Kidney Foundation. 

I am a member and volunteer with our local branch of MPI and was awarded Supplier of the Year in 2018 in recognition of leadership and excelling in the meeting planning profession, with a commitment to the local meeting community and an exemplary record of customer service. 

In my free time, I enjoy playing in the Nashville Community Band, volunteering with teenagers and traveling with my husband and dogs.

Q. Ashleigh, how did you get started in Event Tech?

A. I started working for the Michigan Restaurant Association in college to assist with their annual trade show. I helped them transfer websites and bring a lot of their exhibitor materials online. After college, I contracted for a German company that has a unique presentation-management system. It was very PowerPoint heavy and gave me my first experience at large conferences, meeting with speakers, and taught me more about PowerPoint than most people care to know! From there I transitioned to working in the AV world and where I'm at now at Macro Productions, LLC as Creative Events Director!

Q. What have been some of your challenges in the Event Tech space? And how did you approach or overcome them? 

A. At a previous employer, there was a bit of a boys-club feel to the entire company. Although they hired plenty of women, their ideas weren't taken as seriously; you never really had a seat at the same table as the men of equal position. I'm not sure that it was ever overcome there, but I worked hard, gained the respect of my clients, and eventually moved on.

Q. How do you believe women can make an impact in the event tech space? 

A. Women can make an impact in the event space in so many ways, but the creativity and interpersonal skills women bring can be especially important in the technical areas.

Q. What are some of your personal favourite tools/brands/products/biz?

A. For work I don't use anything most people don't already use, but Google docs & Slack are two of my favorites. On a personal level, I love Branded - a Nashville based company that trains & gives jobs to trafficking survivors who make beautiful jewellery. Also I love Well Coffee who use their profits to build wells with clean drinking water around the world.

Q. Who has mentored or influenced on you in your career?

A. I had the best two mentors in middle and early high school; Jackie Householder & Judy McPherson.

Q. What's your one piece of advice to other Women in Event Tech?

A. Walk in with confidence and work hard.

Q. Finally, your favourite quote?

A. "Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want." - Anna Lappe

Thank you for being a part of our series featuring and connecting Event Tech Women, Ashleigh!


Where you can connect with Ashleigh:

FB: Ashleigh Cote
W: Macro Productions

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