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Now, let’s meet Maayan Sagir, CEO & Co-Founder at Conffit -


Hello, I’m Maayan, CEO & Co-Founder of Conffit, an event-tech startup, which develops the first optimization system for trade show exhibitors. Honoured to have just last week won the 1st place at ebay's StartupCup competition here in Israel.

I have Product Lead in 3 successful SUs [otonomo, Buynando (Acquired by Ironsource), Equivio (Acquired by MST)] and have a rich experience with building products from scratch.

I have a B.A in Management & Psychology from Tel Aviv University and I currently Volunteer and am Community Co-Founder for Women Techmakers Israel.

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Q. Maayan, tell us how you got started in Event Tech?

A. Prior to founding Conffit, I was a Product Lead in several startup companies. As part of my job, I have noticed the difficulties that companies are facing when trying to exhibit in world-wide trade shows. First, it is super complicated for companies to find the most relevant events for them. There are so many events all around the world every year, and companies have to invest hours over hours of research to fins the events that will best fit their marketing goals (and many times, they just guess..). Second, the costs of exhibiting at trade shows are super high, and companies many times are exceeding their budget. And on top of that, there are so many preparations to do before the show, and one needs to speak and engage with many different service providers, starting from booth designers, to travel agents and more. Since I am a Product person, with great desire to UX (User experience), I thought to myself that it just doesn't make sense that there is no one place to manage it all. That’s how I came up with the idea of a Conffit, one smart software, that answers all exhibitors' needs.

Q. What have been some of your challenges in the Event Tech space? And how did you approached or overcome them? 

A. I believe that being a founder is a challenge of itself. Quit your day job and start building a company from scratch is not easy, especially when you build a solution that was never exists before. Today, after a year and a half of hard work, we have a working product, dozens of customers, partnerships with trade show organizers from all around the world and revenues, and that’s without raising even a single penny. So how did we do it? First, we had a lot of faith in our solution and in one another. We knew that the road will be long, but also knew that we are solving a real need and that in the end of the day we are developing something really really good and valuable. Another important thing that helped us, was our willingness to adopt changes and listen to our customers' needs. We did not build the full product and then reached the market, but did it the other way around - we started with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and tested it on our users. We then learned their feedback and changed our product accordingly.

Q. How do you believe women can make an impact in the event tech space? 

A. I believe that women can (and should!) make an impact everywhere :)
We are as talented as men, and we must smash the glass ceiling above us. I believe each and every one of us has the power to make a real valuable impact in the events industry, which at the moment includes much more men. We only need to help each other grow and be there for one another. I think that diversity is critical for any industry, in order to have as much skills and point of views as possible. Innovation starts where there is creativity, and where there are several minds with different points of view.

Q. Who has mentored or influenced on you in your career?

A. Albert Einstein, Marissa Mayer - both of them made me believe that I can and should aim as high as I want, and that nothing is impossible!

Q. What's your one piece of advice to other Women in Event Tech?

A. Believe in yourself, and do not be afraid to try.

Q. Finally, your favourite quote?

A. "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Maayan, thank you for being a part of our series featuring and connecting Event Tech Women.

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Where you can connect with Maayan:

LI: Maayan Sagir
FB: Maayan Sagir
FB: conffit
IG: @maayansagir
IG: @conffit_

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