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This week we’d love to introduce you to Pauline Kwasniak, CEO of TurnedSee -

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Hello, I’m Pauline Kwasniak, a polish born entrepreneur who has grown up in Ireland. I have been involved in the events industry since I was a child - my career starting in the charity sector, before moving towards fashion. Later, I became a professional organizer of conferences and events. In 2015, I launched my own venue sourcing and groups hosting agency, where I provided advice and support to many well-known brands.

I was recently included in the 30 under Thirty “Rising stars of Irish tech” list, by the Sunday Business post with my current tech business I also raised investment from NDRC Ireland with the office in Dublin and am reopening a new office in Poland in 2018 before the official launch.

TurnedSee is modern platform for corporate event planners to elevate their events by matching their needs with the unique aspects of the venues and hotels. Planners can find not just a venue, but the best match.

Q. Pauline, tell us, how did you get started in Event Tech?

A. I was always involved in events and marketing but I officially started in event tech over two years ago by carrying out feasibility studies for my startup. Later, I raised investment and completed a tech accelerator programme (NDRC second best accelerator in Europe).

Q. What have been some of your challenges in the Event Tech space? And how did you approach or overcome them? 

A. The biggest challenge for me was actually being an immigrant, without a strong network that I could have had in my own country before starting in business and event tech. Usually the people I pitched against in Ireland were from Ireland and knew more people and had more contacts than I did. So I used social media, as well as meet ups, to build my network and built amazing connections all around the world. Social media when used correctly its the best networking tool possible...and it's free! Though these networks I've build trust, secured investments and been invited to become a chapter leader for Travel Massive Dublin (global organisation for travel tech companies).

Q. How do you believe women can make an impact in the event tech space? 

A. I believe the only way we can make an impact is if we highlight the role models and women who have achieved success. The most motivational stories I find, are of those who build their success from zero. It’s fine and well talking about women assuming high end executive marketing positions, but we should shine a spotlight on the actual female founders who had to battle it out there on event tech scene to build a company and raise investment. Many times I read about inspirational women in event tech, then learn that the founders are actually all male and the woman works for them. That is not the same as female founders.

Q. What are some of your personal favourite tools/brands/products/biz?

A. Social media platforms. Blogs. Also Canva.

Q. Who has mentored or influenced on you in your career?

A. I was looking for a mentor but I actually get a lot from YouTube stars such as Gary Vaynderchuk.

Q. What's your one piece of advice to other Women in Event Tech?

A. Even if you don’t know something - keep going! Tech can be scary but you can learn. I have… and I come from humanities background.

Q. Finally, your favourite quote?

A. "Screw it just do it" - Branson

Thank you for being a part of our series featuring and connecting Event Tech Women, Pauline!

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