Event tech entrepreneurs launch new movement for Women in Event Tech

Following the success of their event at IMEX America in Las Vegas this year, event tech entrepreneurs Leonora Valvo and Marie-Claire Andrews have launched womenineventtech.org -  a new movement for the growing yet unserved section of the event community - those women trailblazing new products and services in event tech.

It’s a natural fit for Leonora Valvo, Founder/CEO of Swoogo and pioneer of the Event Tech Tribe, founding CEO of etouches, and investor in multiple event tech organizations worldwide, who said: “I truly believe every woman in our industry, as they climb higher in the ranks, should be looking about her to reach down and pull up the next wave of female leaders.” Leonora, who was recently named in the Top 25 Women in the Meetings industry added, “my passion of course is event technology - I’ve been inspired by some fantastic females around the world on my journey, and want to pass on that privilege.”

Marie-Claire, Director of Operations for the Tribe and previously CEO of New Zealand based event app company, ShowGizmo and founder of virtual events business Virtual Events NZ said, “I scan the event tech landscape continuously as part of my role with the Event Tech Tribe - and it’s worrying to see how few women there are leading or developing either within established companies or the new innovations.” Andrews added, “I just think it’s twice as hard - being a women in the events industry AND being in tech doubles the challenges.”

The movement comes at a time when the empowerment of women and equal opportunities are top of mind in the media and around board tables. The site womenineventtech.org, calls for participation and support so that the founders can assess the right time to engineer a conference and gauge interest in other products/services.  The future will bring meetups, investor introductions, peer to peer coaching, “and naturally an event!”  said Marie-Claire, “it’s not just for founders, we want to reach women in all facets of event tech from engineers to entrepreneurs and from sales to support.” The founders are working closely with the Association for Women in Events, of which Marie-Claire is a Board member, and which will remain the membership organization any women in event tech that wish to join.

For more information:  Marie-Claire Andrews marie-claire@eventtechtribe.com  or Leonora Valvo lvalvo@swoogo.com (212)-655-9810

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